Accepted papers

List of accepted papers for publishing in LNICST:

(Author fee – 159 USD)

Amharic Sentence-level Word Sense Disambiguation Using Transfer Learning
Digital Clinical Decision Support System for Screening of Eye diseases
CNN-Based Feature Assisted Model for Breast Cancer Stage Identification
Development of an interpretable deep learning system for the identification of patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Developing Deep Learning Based Cut-Flower Disease Detection Model
Artificial intelligence-based Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Management System
Amharic Text Complexity Classification using Supervised Machine learning
Predicting Optical Eutrophication Indicators of Lake Tana from Remote Sensing Imagery Using Machine Learning Algorithms – Upper Blue Nile
Classification of Fetal Health Status from Cardiotocography Signal using Machine learning
Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery: A Review
Numerical Simulation and Optimization of a locally built Midi-Bus Structure in Quasi-static and Rollover Condition
Deep Complex-valued Neural Networks for MIMO Signal Detection
Prediction of Teff Yield using Machine Learning
Amharic Character Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
MRAC design for a surveillance UAV for the detection of Water Hyacinth
Trajectory Tracking of a Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Backstepping and Nonlinear PID Controller
Comparing the performance of artificial intelligence learning algorithms for diagnosing respiratory diseases using cough sounds of patients
Fuzzy Slide Mode Controller Based Trajectory Tracking Control of Free Flying Space Robot Manipulator System
A Finite Time Trajectory Tracking of Mobile Robot Using Cascaded Terminal Sliding Mode Control Under Presence of Random Gaussian Disturbance
Assistive Smart Cane Technology for Visually Impaired Peoples: A Review
Super Twisting Sliding Mode Controller for Trajectory Tracking Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicle System
Formulation and Evaluation of Firefly and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for Maximum Power Extraction of Photovoltaic Systems under Partial Shade
Design and performance analysis of a multi-level fuzzy-based stabilizer to dampen low frequency oscillation in single-machine infinite bus systems
Impact of Parametric Uncertainties on the Steady State Performances of Wind Energy Conversion System
Process Parameter Optimization of Single Lap-Adhesive Joint Date Palm Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite Using ANN-Genetic Algorism
Process Parameter Optimization of Single Lap-Bolt Joint Date Palm Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite Using ANN-Genetic Algorism
A Headphone Based Heart Rate (Hr) and Heart Rate Variability (Hrv) Monitoring Unit

List of accepted papers for publishing/ Non-LNICST:

(Author fee – 139 USD)

Characterization of False Banana Fiber as a Potential Reinforcement Material for Geopolymer Composites
Crushed mortar powder as a replacement for cement in mortars: A sustainable solution
Evaluation of Synthetic and bio-Organic coagulants for the Reduction of Natural Organic Matter from Drinking Water
Investigation and optimization of the energy band gap of PAM-PVP-Al2O3 Composites
Analysis on thermal behavior of Bamboo Leaf Ash Blended cement paste
Effect of irrigation and fertilizer rate on biomass yield and water use efficiency of forages
Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Metakaolin on Engineering Properties of Concrete
Engineering Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement Cement and Course aggregate by Waste Glass Powder and Steel Slag Aggregate
Experimental Investigation on Properties of Mortar Containing Waste Marble as Fine Aggregate
Investigation on Utilizing of Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement of Natural River Sand as a Fine Aggregate in Concrete Production
Effect of Filtering Techniques in Topology Optimization on Additive Manufacturing Process
Study The Effects of Fiber Loading and Orientation on The Tensile Properties of Date Palm Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite
Fabrication of Fireball Briquettes and Categorizing Higher Calorific Energy from Indigenous Byproduct Materials
Zn(NO3)2.6H2O)/Urea Composite Deep Eutectic Solvents derived Through Facile and Green Synthesis Approach As an Electrolyte for Rechargeable Zinc Air Batteries
Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble and Ceramic Waste Powders in Normal Strength Concrete
Analytical and Experimental studies on proposed wing configurations of Cessna 172-R aircraft for improved performance
Development and characterization of sustainable bio-based adhesive from waste avocado starch using clay as a filler
Effect of Natural Resin on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Enset Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Mechanical Response Prediction of Fiber Reinforced Composites by using Machine Learning Models: A Review
Experimental investigation and optimization of hybrid fiber polymer composite material
Review of Recent Advancements in Mechanical Properties of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
Preparation of Thermal Insulation Material from Plastic Scrap, Sawdust and Gypsum
Investigating Rutting Performance of Ethiopian Jute fiber Modified Asphalt Binder
Drying Characteristics and Kinetic Study of Coffee Cherries Coffee Arabica in Convective Hot Air Dryer
Prediction of Global Solar Radiation Based on Sunshine Hours in Ethiopias Amhara Region
Optimal Placement and Size of Multiple PV-DG Units for Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Profile Improvement in Dilla Distribution Network
Optimal Sizing and Techno-economic Performance Analysis of Microgrids: Ethiopia
Experimental testing and performance evaluation of box-type solar cooker with different reflectors
Technological development and adoption rates of Injera baking stoves – A Review
Techno-Economic Analysis of Biogas Production from Cladodes of Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica)
Experimental Investigation on Thermal Performance of Parabolic Solar Dish Concentrator based Solar Dryer Assisted with Thermal Energy Storage system
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Mixed-Mode Natural Convection Solar Dryer with and without Solar Air Heater for Green Banana Flour Production
Evaluation of Planetary Ball Milling and Mild-Alkaline Pretreatment for Enhanced Fermentable Sugar Production from Sugarcane Bagasse

Analyzing the Effect of Wastewater on Groundwater Quality: case study of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Effect of threshing moisture content threshing methods and storage bags on mold contamination of stored maize Grain Zea mays L
Effects of initial moisture content and storage duration on physical and chemical characteristics of stored maize Zea mays L. grain
Identification of Dominant Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast Species from Teff Injera Dough Fermentation
In_vitro Antibacterial activity of Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum L. seeds against some Food borne Bacterial Pathogens
Production and Characterization of Ink from the Milky Fluid of Ficus Vasta and Euphorbia Abyssinica
Yeast Bioremediation of Cr (VI) from tannery wastewater
Isolation and Characterization of Potential Indigenous Wild Yeasts from Local Beverage Areke Difdif and Tenses for Bioethanol Production Substrate used Molasses
Performance Evaluation of Grain Pro Collapsible Natural Convection Solar dryer for Maize Grain in Ethiopia
Assessment of the causes of Non-Revenue Water in Urban Water Distribution Systems: The case of Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia
Comparison Of Three Irrigation Management Tools For Improving Crop And Water Productivity Of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) In Koga Irrigation Scheme
Quality Assurance Management Practices in Public Building Construction Projects (The Case of Bahir Dar City)
Hydro systems Analysis of Lake Tana Basin and the impact of irrigation withdrawals on downstream Water Uses.
Hydrological Response of Khat (Catha Edulis) Cultivation in Aba Gerima Watershed, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia
Digital Quality Management (Quality 4.0) Framework: Integrating TQM Principles and Industry 4.0 A Case Study in East African Bottling S.C.
Challenges of supply chain integration of manufacturing firms in Ethiopia 
Design and Numerical Analysis of Sorghum Reaper Machine
Simulation Models Verification and Validation: Recent Development and Challenges: A Review
Ergonomic Redesigning of a Workstation Using Rapid Upper Limb Analysis (RULA): A Simulation Based Approach
Participatory Evaluation and Demonstration of Hand Held Maize Sheller
The Application of ABC-VED With Multi-Criteria Analysis for Drug Inventory Management: AM Referral Hospital
Optimal Controller Design for a Wind Turbine System Using Dynamic Programing
Application of FACTS Devices for Transient Stability Enhancement in the Adama II Grid-Connected Wind Farm
Experimental analysis of the effect of exposure of an Electro-Optic system to external Magnetic field
Review on Water Automatic Teller Machines (Water ATM) Technologies
Modeling Water and Nutrient Dynamics in Response to Conservation Agriculture Practices under Smallholder Farms in the Ethiopian Highlands