EAI ICAST 2023 was held as an on-site conference in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


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15 November 2023:

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Thank you for participating in EAI ICAST 2023!
We look forward to meeting you on the next edition in Bahir Dar!
Keynotes light
Keynote speaker
Prof. Yong Tang
Professor of Agricultural and Food Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Keynotes light
Prof. Yong Tang
Professor of Industrial Engineering (IE) at Addis Ababa University (AAU),
Affiliate professor at New Mexico State University, USA, and lectures at Polytechnic of Turin, Italy
and at Nuremberg University, Germany
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Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award – Track 1

Paper Title: 
 Cervical cancer histopathological image classification using imbalanced domain learning

 Gizeaddis Simegn, (School of Biomedical Engineering, Jimma Institute of Technology, Jimma University);Mizanu Zelalem Degu, (Jimma University); 

Geletaw Sahle Tegenaw, (Jimma University)


Best Paper Award – Track 2

Paper Title:

Development of a Household Synthetic Load Profile for Rural Electrification


Ahunim Abebe, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia);

Fekadu Shewarega, (University Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany);

Belachew  Bantyirga, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia);

Getachew Biru, (Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia);

Samuel Lakeou, (University of the District of Columbia, USA)


Best Paper Award – Track 3

Paper Title:

Detecting Misalignments of Drilled Holes using Machine Vision


Getachew Admassie Ambaye, (Wichita State University); 

Enkhsaikhan Boldsaikhan, (Wichita State University); 

Krishna Krishnan, (Wichita State University)


Best Paper Award – Track 4

Paper Title:

Parametric Analysis on Heavy Quadricycle Vehicle Front Crash for Safety Optimization


Haileleoul Sahle Habte, (Addis Ababa University); 

Seid Belay Gesese, (Addis Ababa University)


Best Paper Award – Track 5

Paper Title:

Effect of spontaneous sedimentation on the chemical composition of compressed water hyacinth juice as a pretreatment for anaerobic digestion: Comparison of different growing areas


Pranshu Bhatia, (University, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan); 

Anas Hijazi, (Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan); 

Shinichi Akizuki, (Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan); 

Nigus Gabbiye Habtu, (Bahir Dar University); 

Shinjiro Sato, (Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan); 

Toda, Tatsuki (Soka University, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan)


Best Paper Award – Track 6

Paper Title:

Thermal Modeling and Fuzzy Logic control Design  for Forced Conviction Solar Dryer


Fiseha Kedir Jemal, (Arba Minch University)


Best Paper Award – Track 7

Paper Title:

Evaluating Flood Vulnerability in Bahir Dar City through an Indicator-Based Method


Walelign Ayaliew Derseh, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology); 

Elias Sime Leggesse, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology); 

Afework Ashagrie Simegn, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology); 

Mengiste Abate Meshesha, (Bahir Dar Institute of Technology)

About ICAST 2023

The conference is designed in such a way to address and discuss societal problems and it is a platform for scientists and engineers from different backgrounds to come together and discuss. More generally, the conference’s scope is on the advancement of science and engineering toward sustainable development.


We welcome contributions from the following fields:

ICAST 2023 will have seven main tracks:

Track 1: AI, Machine Learning, and its Applications

Track 2: Industrial Automation, Networking, and Communication Systems

Track 3: Advancements in Manufacturing and Mechanization Systems

Track 4: Advances in Materials Science and applications

Track 5: Process Industries for Sustainable Development

Track 6: Renewable and Green Energy Technologies

Track 7: Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment.


All papers from Track 1 (AI, Machine Learning, and its Applications) and Track 2 (Industrial Automation, Networking, and Communication Systems) will be submitted for publication in EAISICC.

All papers from Track 3 to Track 7 will be submitted for publication in Green Energy and Technology.

All registered papers will be submitted for publishing by Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library.

Proceedings will be submitted for inclusion in leading indexing services, such as Web of Science, Compendex, Scopus, DBLP, EU Digital Library, IO-Port, MatchSciNet, Inspec and Zentralblatt MATH.

All accepted authors are eligible to submit an extended version in a fast track of:

Additional publication opportunities:

About EAI

This event is organized by EAI.

EAI – European Alliance for Innovation is a non-profit organization and a professional community established in cooperation with the European Commission to empower the global research and innovation, and to promote cooperation between European and International ICT communities.

EAI’s vision is to foster excellence in research and innovation on the principles of transparency, objectivity, equality, and openness. Our guiding principle is community cooperation to create better research, provide fair recognition of excellence and transform best ideas into commercial value proposition.

EAI‘s mission is to create an environment that rewards excellence transparently, and builds recognition objectively regardless of age, economic status or country of origin, where no membership fees or closed door committees stand in the way of your research career.

Through these shared values, EAI leads the way toward advancing the world of research and innovation, empowering individuals and institutions for the good of society to fully benefit from the digital revolution.

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